Ice Wine

When you are talking about ice wine, there are two very different terms to think about. You maybe thinking about the way that wine can be served over ice, or you maybe thinking about the way that wine was made years ago.

Many people love to have their wine chilled. This is the best way to serve and drink wine; however there are still some people who do prefer to have their wine warm. There is no better way to drink wine, it really does depend on your preference and how you like to taste your wine.

Some people love to have their wine over ice. Ice wine is something that a lot of people have been doing for years. When the wine is not chilled, there are a few that like to place a few ice chips or rocks into their glass for the wine to be poured over. This will defiantly make the wine cooler and for some, make the wine taste a lot more refreshing.

There is also an ice wine that is even more popular and comes from way back in the ancient years. Ice wine comes from years ago when the grapes that were picked to make the wine, were placed in the freezer to be frozen. The grapes were then pressed while they were frozen. The frozen juices were all squeezed out of the grapes.

The juice that remained which was high in sugar and acid all settled for three to five days. Then the juices were added to special yeast to start the fermentation that could last up to four months. This would lead to a highly concentrated juice for the wine that was loaded with sugar.

When this ice wine is served at dinner or by itself, it is usually chilled. Most people will love this wine. It is not like other wines. It is savored more and loved by many who have a passion for wine.

The prices for ice wine can vary. Some of the wines depending on the brand and the year will range from forty to two hundred dollars. It will completely depend on you and your taste. There are many brands to choose from and different wine stores will charge differently.

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