Water Coolers for the Home

While we often think of water coolers in a business setting, more and more people are finding that a water cooler in their home is helpful and convenient. Many people prefer the taste of bottled water and would rather avoid the chemicals in tap water. Most people will drink more water if it is kept at a desirable temperature, and repeated studies have shown the importance of adequate hydration for people of all ages. Water coolers meet all of these needs, not only in the workplace, but in the home as well.

More and more families are choosing to use bottled, filtered water instead of drinking tap water. Some families opt for whole house or sink based filtration systems, but these may be cumbersome, require regular filter changes, and may not produce water that tastes as good as purchased, more thoroughly filtered water. Buying individual bottles of water by the case at the local grocer is another option, but this may take up a lot of refrigerator space, generates waste and can get expensive.

Water coolers allow easy access to good quality bottled water for the whole family. Many parents are concerned about their children choosing sodas, juice or other less healthful beverages over water and the convenience of a water cooler can encourage the kids to help themselves to glass after glass of fresh, cold, bottled water. Adults also may find that they drink more water when it is conveniently available, and many water coolers also have a hot tap, allowing for convenient tea drinking.

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