Types of Water Coolers

Whether you are looking for water coolers for a school, home or place of business, there is certain to be a size and type to suit your needs. Water coolers vary in size from the very small to the very large, some taking custom-made bottles of water and other plumbed in to remove the need for ever replacing containers of water at all. Whatever your needs, there are water coolers that will fulfill them.

The most familiar types of water coolers are free-standing bottled water coolers, commonly found in offices. These offer convenience and mobility, and have the advantage of not needing to be near a source of main water supply, thus making them ideal for reception areas and so forth. Additionally, once the cooler is installed, you have control over who supplies your water, allowing you to change suppliers, if necessary, due to dissatisfaction, price or water quality. Bottled water coolers are available in a range of sizes and designs.

The other main type of water coolers are plumbed in water coolers, which offer the advantage of an unlimited supply of cold and fresh running water without having to purchase, store and replace heavy bottles of water. They are quick and easy to install, but require access to a main water supply. Additionally, drinking water fountains, both free standing and wall mounted, are particularly popular in schools, factory areas, or any location where high usage is anticipated. These various types of water coolers ensure that you will find a water cooler to suit your requirements, whatever they may be.

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