Tea with the queen

Tea With The Queen

Tea with the queen can be one of the very best games and pretend events that you and your child can enjoy. Sure, a meeting with the real queen would be wonderful, but you can have so much fun when you both get together and make this one of the most special and memorable events of their childhood. Both girls and boys and play this game and both will enjoy the extra attention that they get by playing. If you want to pretend to have tea, you’ll need a few extra elements and of course some tea.

Planning a tea party is easy to do. One of the first things to make this authentic will be to have tea cups. That will help you to make this is an authentic event for you and your child. You can find old or new tea cups to use. Set a fancy table with all of the linens that you can imagine full of flowers and frills. Then, the next step will be to dress up for your tea party. If you like, one of your guests can dress up as a queen in which case they will want to be the most important guest of honor at the tea party. But, just getting together for a tea party without having a queen is just as wonderful. To dress up, look for lots of older looking clothing, hats and of course beads. You’ll want to add on long white gloves for that special flare. Don’t forget the makeup!

Having a few treats to serve makes the tea party with the queen even better. You’ll want to talk about the latest gossip such as what’s going on with their favorite cartoon shows! Don’t forget to really remember this day by setting up a video camera to capture the moment for your child. They’ll love it and you’ll cherish it!

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