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Tea Pot Collecting

Tea pot collectibles are not only beautiful but they are also quite valuable. If you are looking for a pot to place on your stove just for decoration, you may not be interested in the value of the pot. Rather you are looking for something that is more functional than anything else. But, if you are interested in collecting these pots as many individuals are doing, you’ll want to consider the various methods of finding them. You should also take the time to learn what makes a pot more valuable than others. There are many differences in the teas that are available. Before buying one, make sure you know what to look for in them.

For starters, there are certain qualifications for those that are collecting to determine the overall value of the pot. A tea kettle that is older is likely to be more valuable especially if it is older than about ten years. The older it is the better. Look for your grandmothers kettles for example. In addition, look and learn about the designers of the tea kettles. The pots that are made by some of the most famous hand makers of these tea kettles are likely to get you a better collectible price than those that are just mass manufactured. Of course, one of the most important considerations for any collecting that you do including those with these pots is that of the rarity that it is. The more unique and interesting the pot is, the more likely you’ll be purchasing a valuable kettle for making tea in.

To find these tea pots, take the time to check out garage sales and antique stores. More importantly, make sure you are checking out the various auctions offered on online auction houses. These are great ways for you to find the tea kettle that’s going to be the first in your collection.

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