Tea party

Putting On A Tea Party

A tea party is not just for little girls any more. In fact, these parties are popping up everywhere for grown women and even some men. Of course, the tradition of a party at which you have tea is designed after the English tradition of High Tea in which a meal was taken that was served with tea during the day. Nevertheless, it has been a tradition that has been passed down for years and years. Although for the last few decades these parties have faded into the past, there is now a resurgence of them and you should be one of the first in your group of friends to throw one for your family and friends.

To host a party like this, you’ll want to spend a few minutes learning about etiquette since most parties will be rather formal. The get together was always set up to allow the friends to come together and to chat but was mostly a more formal outing. If you don’t want to do this, that’s an option that you have. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that everyone knows that the theme will be that of a tea celebration so that they can dress correctly and come prepared. Serving tea is essential, of course, but in addition serve small, bite sized foods such as tea sandwiches and cookies. This makes for the perfect small meal.

These parties are being held at tea houses everywhere or you can put one on at your home if you would like to. Bridal and baby showers make great reasons to get together for this type of party! The goal here is to make sure that everyone has some time to sit and chat and get to know each other again. It’s a break from everything stressful during the day.

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