Loose leaf tea

Loose Leaf Tea

The benefits of loose leaf tea are many including the fact that you get to control the taste of the tea that you consume. Although a traditional tea leaf is that of green tea as it has not been fermented yet, there are some types of teas that are fermented so lightly that the quality of the leaf is still that of a leaf. Therefore, these loose leaf products are often some of the very mildest forms of fermentation and therefore have the most tea like taste to them. In most areas of the world, the type of tea that is drank the most is that of black tea which is highly fermented. Yet, with the many health benefits of green tea, or non fermented teas, there are more and more individuals looking for these teas.

A loose leaf style of tea will require you to filter it through a filter in order to get the taste of the tea without the actually particles of the tea leaves in your tea cup. Just like brewing a pot of coffee, a pot of tea that uses loose leaves will need to be strained after the water has filtered through it. In many ways, the taste of the tea in this form, instead of a traditional tea bag, is one that is going to be more intense. Yet, even with this concentration of tea flavors, the loose leaf still makes it quite wonderful and even extravagant. You’ll find it to not necessarily be bitter but it will be more tart n taste.

You can purchase loose leaf styles of tea in various forms through a tea shop that you’ll find throughout the web. You should always look for a type of tea that is fitting to your pallet, but make sure you give this type of tea a try.

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