How to tell which espresso machines are the best

You need to know what features are most important on a machine when you want to look for which espresso machines are the best. There are a lot of espresso machines out there, with many manufacturers producing multiple makes and models. Fancy coffee houses go by their wealth of knowledge and by what their friends in the business say to uncover which espresso machines are the best. Even they, though, need some help when knew makes and models come on the market. So what’s a consumer supposed to do then? Read on further in this article, that’s what.

One feature to look for to let you know which espresso machines are the best is a built-in grinder. These machines tend to have a special grind dial, too, to help you control what kind of grind you produce. If you don’t have a built-in grinder, then you need to calibrate your separate bean grinder machine to match your new espresso machines. Many of these grinder machines come already set to a certain grind, such as for a moka pot or drip brewing, which may be too coarse side. It may take several tries, and several shots of espresso for your guinea pig, before you get a grind that’s perfect for your machine. The experts suggest this to be about two ounces of espresso from a double basket in about 27 seconds.

Still, if you’re a little wary of doing this grind test, keep in mind that good machines should be able to tolerate different thickness grinds. That way, you can tell which espresso machines are the best because they won’t get stuffed or jammed by grinds that are a little too fine or too coarse. The finest machines have a check valve that gives the machines a higher tolerance to plow through grinds that require more pressure, such as finer grinds. The espresso that you produce may not taste as good in these situations. Scientific studies show that there is an ideal pressure for extraction. Higher pressures at best do not make for good flavor, but at worst that can result in bitter espresso.

Another thing that can tip you off to which espresso machines are the best is how loud the machine is. Top-notch brands should be relatively quiet. The best make espresso at the decibels of a whisper or, in other words, not that many. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to carry out a normal conversation while your machine brews a shot. That way, you can tell all your friends how great your machine is before they taste it for themselves.

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