The in's and out's of space saver coffee makers

Coffee is a crucial part of your hectic, fast-paced life. You might not be able to make it through your day without your two (three or four) cups of coffee. Recently, though, you moved into a new place that has an almost non-existent kitchen. Your partner says there’s room for everything except your old hulking coffee machine. What do you do? Plan to spend $3 a day for the rest of your life at your local coffee house. No way! Any time you need more countertop space in your kitchen, or you have no countertops to begin with, turn to space saver coffee makers. Space saver coffee makers will come to your rescue, but you just need to know which kind to buy.

There are many space saver coffee makers on the market. There are the trusty drip machines. Drip coffee machines are still one of the best kinds for beginners and experts alike. The key to these machines, though, is using a gold, nylon, or other type of permanent filters. Permanent filters make sure that flavor oils from your coffee beans make their way into the water. Plus, the permanent filters don’t add unwanted flavors to your finished product. You may have to clean the filters after each use, but this little bit of extra work is well worth it.

Or turn to space saver coffee makers of the French presses and hand press varieties. Some aficionados claim that these machines produce the only real coffee. Everything else might as well be instant.

Newer space saver coffee makers may be the pod-type machines. These blast hot water through individual coffee pads, producing a java that’s as close to a European coffee house roast. Some would say to make the ultimate pot of coffee with your space saver, you will need an espresso machines. Like the pod machines, these classics shoot pressurized steam through a cup filled, or dampened, with coffee grounds. The main difference between an espresso and a pod machine, however, is that the grounds in an espresso machine are fresh, and not as neat to clean up.

As you can see, you’ve made a wise decision to go to space saver coffee makers. It requires, though, another wise decision to know which type to buy.

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