The secrets behind powder cappuccino French vanilla drinks

You love your powder cappuccino French vanilla drinks, but did you ever stop to wonder how that your power cappuccino French vanilla favorites come out of that crazy machine? It is a long and amazing process, so fantastic that you might think Willy Wonka thought it up.

One of the things you probably love most about your powder cappuccino French vanilla drinks is their incredibly creamy, foamy taste and texture. You are drawn to this foam like kids to pizza, which makes sense. Foams have been part of foods for a long time. Food manufacturers have used them to give texture and lightness to their products, for the same reason a chef adds beaten egg whites to fluff up certain recipes.

For your cappuccino drink, though, the foam is more important. It must last on top of your drink the whole time you drinking the product. Otherwise, the cappuccino will be a disappointment. The methods that manufacturers use to get you your world-class foam from a powder are amazing. They allow the powder to become a foam that not only must flow smoothly like a liquid, but must be easy to prepare, too. The secret is in innovative high-tech engineering, which has created micro-bubbles that form instant foam when added to a specially formulated milk-based creamer and hot water.

The base of this recipe is milk proteins and milk sugar such as lactose. This is the powder in your powder cappuccino. This powder is actually a protein-lactose mixture that’s full of glass-like material called micro-bubbles. These bubbles are filled with nitrogen, which is then added to the coffee powder and the creamer.

The result is your delicious vanilla cappuccino. Of course, you’re not getting a traditional Italian cappuccino, made when a professional barista (espresso maker) carefully pours steam-frothed milk onto the top of a brewed espresso. However, you wouldn’t know if you didn’t watch the machine barista make your powder cappuccino for you. Your cappuccino will still come with the tasty brown coffee below and the delicious white milky foam above. You may only be in your local convenience store and not in Milan, but your taste buds won’t know the difference.

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