Irish coffee

Irish coffee has a little twist on the drink. Most people will think of coffee being strong and either black or with cream and sugar, however, the Irish knows how to party. When you hear the word Irish, always think liquor, and in this case, you would be right. When it comes to Irish coffee, you are taking hot coffee and mixing it with sugar, cream, and Irish whiskey. It is the ultimate hot toddy.

An Irish chef known as Joseph Sheridan invented the Irish coffee. Being a chef at a very popular restaurant (Foynes) the Irish coffee was given to travelers to warm up in the early twentieth century. There have been many different twists to the Irish coffee; however, most are still made from whiskey.

When it comes to American Irish coffee, you will usually put a Bourbon whiskey in the coffee, but many will use Jack Daniels (an American whiskey). However, there are companies that make Irish cream to be placed in coffee. What you do is add a shot of the drink into black coffee and then toast away.

Bailey's Irish Cream is a common way to make an easy and cheap Irish coffee. Although Bailey's is not cheap at all, it can be compared cheaper to most whiskeys. It is also not that strong, so if you can't handle the whiskey, then you could get Baileys for your coffee to have a smoother taste.

When it comes to preparing an Irish coffee, you need to have black coffee. The moment that you add the milk, it will curdle from the whiskey. Once you have made your coffee, add some whiskey and some sugar to taste. The sugar will keep the cream from melting into the drink. Then dollop some whipped cream and you will have an Irish coffee.

Irish coffee is served in most pubs all across the world. You will find that you can get an Irish coffee at any bar now because of the Baileys version of the drink. Bailey's has made the Irish cream main stream and not expensive at all. You will find that this version does not have a taste like whiskey, but it's very subtle and does not have the proof of whiskey. If you would like to have an Irish coffee, you should specify that you would rather of the whiskey or Bailey's. There is a major difference.

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