The secret to how to make a latte can be found here

You could save yourself upwards of $5 a pop if you knew how to make a latte. You know those frothy beverages are well worth large sums of money, but it would be even more fulfilling if you could make one on your own, right? All you really need to become an independent latte drinker are the basic steps on how to make a latte. Once you have those, then you can perfect the process on your own.

The first part of the process of how to make a latte is making a great espresso. And the first step to this is grinding your espresso beans properly. If you don’t grind them enough, your grounds will be too coarse. The end result will be espresso that is thin and weak. On the other hand, if you grind your espresso beans too much, your grinds will be too fine. Your espresso will then be bitter. Why even bother with a grinder, you ask? Grinding your own espresso beans, using a special espresso grinder or burr grinder, is only recommended by all the espresso experts in the know!

Once you have properly ground espresso beans, get your machine going. It should take 15 to 20 seconds to brew if you have a good pump. When it comes out, the espresso should have a darkish-brown foam on top, which is called crema by people who know how to make a latte. (You want to become like these people, remember?) Make sure to stop the whole process once the liquid flowing out of the machine becomes whitish-brown. This stuff will ruin your latte. Forcing more water through the grounds at this point will only give your drink a bitter taste.

Once you have your one to one and a half fluid ounces of espresso, it’s time to froth and heat the milk. You could heat the milk in a microwave or by stirring it in a pan on top of your stove. However, if you really want to learn how to make a latte, then you must do it as the pros do it. This means using the steam heating tools on an espresso machine. They work better than any other method when it comes to efficiency, speed, texture, and taste.

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