Fun with flavored coffee syrups

The coffee revival across the United States has led to an explosion in the types, tastes, and sizes of coffee beverages. They come now in variety of delicious flavors, with a variety of crazy exotic-sounding names, like frappaccino and mocha latte. One of the reasons that so many different drinks are available is the flavored coffee syrups that coffee houses use. Don’t get worried. You just had a raspberry nutmeg latte yesterday, right, and you’re worried whether you or not just blew your diet? Well, it won’t be the flavored coffee syrups in your beverage that will ruin your good eating habits. These concoctions don’t have bad ingredients to ruin your health. They just bring great taste to the mix.

The top flavored coffee syrups offer dozens of flavors to choose from. This isn’t a trend in the coffee world started just a couple years ago in the States. Nope, professional coffee makers around the world have relied on all of these flavors for years to please their clientele. The best brands offer rich and natural flavors. The syrups should get this profound taste from pure and natural ingredients. The manufacturer takes the base ingredients, the natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar, and makes them into a highly concentrated syrup. You’ll notice that this list of ingredients does not include any fat or cholesterol. All top syrups should be free of these bad compounds. Check the label of the syrup at your favorite coffee house to be certain.

Lately, with diabetes such a big worldwide concern, as well as the emergence of low-carb diets, the top flavored coffee syrup manufacturers have put out sugar-free line-ups. These don’t lose out on flavor. Many of your favorite coffee flavors will be a part of this new sugar-free line, including vanilla, hazelnut, almond, caramel, Irish cream, chocolate, raspberry, and amaretto. With these natural flavors, though, you won’t miss the sugar. Instead, most manufacturers are adding a blend of sugar free and calorie free sweeteners like Splenda, which is a natural sugar free sweetener. Now you have no choice but to enjoy your delicious triple mocha nut cappuccino with all of those delicious syrups added for rich and fulfilling flavor.

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