Coffee dates

The coffee date is usually the first date of the relationship. This is where you can get to know someone. With a planned coffee date, you can be casual, but get to know each other. You can spend quality time together. Some couples will opt for the movie, but you can't talk at the movies.

If you go out for coffee, you can really get to know the person and see if they are right for you. You may want to have a coffee date after lunch or before dinner. It is just the daylight hours that are appropriate for coffee. If you want you can meet in the morning during the weekend.

This date is not long at all. You should never spend more than 30-40 minutes. When it comes to your attire for the date, you should be dressy, but casual at the same time. You should wear a nice shirt and some tailored pants or nice jeans. You don't need to dress up in suit. Remember, it's just a coffee date; this is the prelude to the real date.

When you are at the coffee house, you should feel free to ask any questions that you would like. You will want to give and take. If they ask you a question then ask them a question. If there is a pause, you can say something in general. When you are on a coffee date, you want to stay clear away from issues. You don't want to probe them, but just get to know what they are all about.

You won't want to talk about religion, politics, or any other testy issue. You will want to ask some background questions like if they are native to the area, what their parents do, or if they saw a movie. Keep it simple questions that could be built on.

At the end of the date, you should have a definite. You may or may not want the second date. You can plan a second date or you can give them a soft kick. Either way you want to always be pleasant. If the date isn't going that well, but you don't want to leave too soon, just drink your coffee and listen to them.

When you are doing something like drinking coffee, you will find that you can stretch the minutes quickly. However, if you are truly into the person, you will pay less attention to your drink and more attention to your date. If you would like to know if they are interested, you will want to pay attention to their body language as well.

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