Coffee cake

Coffee cake can also be called Kuchen or Gugelhupf (depending on what nationality that you associate with). It came from the basic honey cake and Danish combined. It was made with coffee and the cakes mostly came from North and Central Europe. It is said to be as old as 300 years. It was first just sweet bread, but now the coffee cake has become something that is more like a bunt cake.

When the recipes came to America, it was because of the Germans, Dutch, and Scandinavian immigrants. They were mostly made from yeast, flour, eggs, nuts, dried fruits, and spices. Today, you can get a coffee cake that has fillings, cheese, or tons of sugar in it. Most coffee cakes do not contain coffee, but they are called coffee cake because you eat them with a mug of coffee.

They make the perfect after dinner dessert. Coffee was always served as a gift to guests; the cake would go so perfect that they still called it a coffee cake. Many women find themselves with a pot of coffee, a coffee cake, and lots of gossip to share. It is the ultimate cake for guests because it has always been known to be something that you talk over with.

When you see a coffee cake today, you will picture something that has a strudel on top. They are very sweet and have many baking spices included. They may even include things like blueberries or cranberries. The fruits are still added today and are great for those who have a sweet tooth.

When it comes to serving coffee cake, you will want to wait until after dinner and you will want to make a pot of coffee. It is not something that is quickly eaten. You will have some coffee, nibble on a piece of cake, and mostly talk, this is a chance most women will take to catch up with a dear loved on.

The coffee cake has been eaten this way for centuries. Today, it is seemed as a snack, more than a dessert and consumed during the entire day.

If you are looking for a new recipe to make a coffee cake, you can search online by listing coffee cake and another ingredient that you would like to include. You can find a coffee cake practically made out of anything, whether it's fruits, nuts, or spices.

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