Coffee and cigarette

Many times a great treat for someone is to have his or her coffee and cigarette. They will enjoy this great taste after a meal or just about anytime that, the mood hits them right. They will crave this taste if they are used to having it on a regular basis and they may not be able to start or end their day without it.

Having a time out for you is a very good idea. Many people have to take a few moments out of their day to have that coffee and cigarette that they enjoy so much. This is a special moment for them and one that they look forward to on a regular basis. Some people would rather have some coffee and a cigarette than a regular meal. This may be the only type of pick me up that they need on their break.

Anyone that enjoys their coffee and cigarette will say that it is something that they look forward to doing. In some cases, it is how they relieve their stress for the moment. Having this short time out for yourself is something that many people feel good about and can use when they are finding the stress build up to be too much.

Having a great cup of coffee and a cigarette is a good time to sit and talk to friends. You can all relax sitting catching up on the latest conversation and enjoying a favorite cup of coffee and having a cigarette at the same time. You can plan your entire afternoon with this idea. You can sit on your porch and talk about old times with your friends or by yourself. No matter who you are, sharing your time with, you will be able to have a great moment with your coffee and cigarette.

When someone needs to have their morning or afternoon fix, they will turn to the old coffee and cigarette standby. This is what they are used to and what they need to get them motivated to start their day or get moving on the right track. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a great moment for you. Everyone needs time to regroup and think about a few things. When you are looking for that special something to get you moving, you need to have a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

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