Get cooking with a coffee of the month club

A coffee of the month club is one the best gifts you can give a friend or loved one, or yourself. You can give, and get, some of the best roasts that the world has to offer. First, you have beans that could come all the way from Africa, which are renowned for their wine-like undertones and their wild hints of the jungle. Central America will ship you beans with a smooth taste and an even well balanced flavor. The beans from Brazil, which most Americans drink all the time without knowing, will be the top-notch kind you can’t find in a can, with the same familiar and reassuring flavor but accentuated. But whether it’s you receiving the coffee of the month club, or your dearest friends, you can’t completely enjoy your 12 annual presents without properly knowing how to make the coffee.

The key to getting the utmost out of your coffee of the month club is setting up your drip coffee machines with a gold, nylon, or other type of permanent filter. Such permanent filters ensure that the essential flavor and oils of the coffee grinds make their way through the filter and into the water. What’s more, these permanent filters accomplish this without adding unwanted nasty tastes.

Paper filters will do just that to your delicious blends from the coffee of the month club. Paper filters leave an aftertaste into your morning cup of joe. Paper filters also absorb some of the special flavor molecules and aromatic oils from your coffee grinds. You lose these, and you lose the java’s tantalizing taste. If you must use paper filters, rinse them with hot water beforehand. Better yet, use permanent filters. You may need to clean them before each use, but it will be well worth it.

Also, when brewing your coffee of the month club varieties in a drip coffee machine, grind them to a medium to fine grinds of coffee. Always start with cold water, and make sure that your coffee machine is fine tuned to being the water to the proper “cooking” temperature. The proper water temperature is between 195 degrees and 205 degrees, which guarantees that the best coffee ground extraction. And then follow one last rule before you can actually taste your delicious new coffees: dump the grounds from the filter before the last couple of drops of water drip through.

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