Wheat Beer: Your Choice

Is wheat beer your choice? Most commonly, beer is made from barley but it can be made with wheat as well. Usually, it is a combination of both wheat and barley. There are a wide range of beers that can be made using wheat and if you have not tried any of them, you may just be missing out on some great beer. Wheat style beer varies as does any other type of beer. You will most likely need to taste one to know the true quality of this type of beer.

Wheat style beers are generally lighter in their flavor and offer a pale look to them. Those beers that are all barley are darker in color than wheat included beers. In most cases, wheat beer will be top fermented. This means that it will be fermented with ale yeast. Today, wheat beers are fast becoming a popular choice. This is due to many reasons including the fact that it is no longer illegal to brew wheat style beer where it used to be. It was illegal as it was thought to be a waste to use wheat for this matter.

The most common types of wheat style beer is that of the Belgian witbier and the German Weizenbier. In any case, if you are one that is considering making your own beer, you can generally find beer making kits that have these products available in them. When making a wheat type of beer, you will find a wide range of ingredients to add into it. Like any other type of beer, you will need to carefully consider the quality of the ingredients as well as follow the recipe carefully. Yet, the end result of this beer is likely to be very good especially if you enjoy a light colored ale!

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