Beer Brewpots: What You Need To Do

Beer brewpots will be an essential item for the home beer brewing individual. This piece of equipment can vary in size as well as type. The ideal brewpot will be large enough to handle your batches of beer. In most case, the beer recipe will tell you just what you need to make that recipe including what size the brewpot should be. The one that you choose should also come with a lid that fits securely on the top.

A brewpot for your batches of beer is somewhat similar to a stock pot. In fact, if you have a good quality one with a secure lid, you can use this. Yet, there are some differences and mainly you will want to look for the needs of your specific recipes. Some recipes that are very specific may recommend what type of material to use for your brewpot but in most cases, going with a stainless steal option is the very best choice.

As for the size, in many cases, the recipes that you will make for your beer will call for at least two gallons of water to start with. You will then add ingredients to the pot. At the smallest, you will want to go with an eight gallon brewpot. It is better to go with 10 or bigger if you plan to make large batches of beer at a time. Some options will include enamel brewpots and stainless steel brewpots. It may also be helpful and necessary to purchase a plastic spoon and paddle to go with your brewpot for beer. These should be long enough to reach the bottom of the brewpot and still easily allow you to hold it.

What is very important is that you keep your brewpots for beer only and that you keep them clean and sanitized. You’ll want to keep them stored upside down and out of the way when not in use.

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